Daily Mamo (.) (.) May – August 2019

Get it? Mamo / Memo? I crack myself up. So I’m going to try to attempt to do this thing. A weekly(ish) record of where i’m at. Might be good. Might be dull. All feedback welcome (be gentle). This is May – August 2019….


Tuesday 27th August

My god it comes round fast. Another hospital day today for the targeted treatment. It’s getting really tiring now but i’ve only got a few more to go!!!

Wednesday 7th August

It’s time for HOLIDAY! Camping in the South of France with the family. Bliss xx

Friday 25th July

I met Sinhead today. She lives local to me and got a breast cancer diagnosis in May thanks to seeing my sticker. She’s ace and i’m so blimin happy that she checked herself early. She’s currently going through chemo. This is a pic of us having a photo done together for an article in The Sun.


Tuesday 15th July

So today i’ve started my training for the Himalayas. Yes, i’m going to trek the Himalayas in October to raise money for breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! Am I ready for it? NO! It’s going to mark the very end of my hospital cancer treatment so i’m looking forward to celebrating up a mountain….

Wednesday 10th July

Today was a BIG day. Craig Tracey MP (who has been very supportive of my campaign) asked the Prime Minister during PMQs about the campaign and Theresa May said she’d respond in writing which she did! I’m absolutely blown away to get that incredible acknowledgement!!

Friday 5th July 2019

Another Friday another hospital visit. Yep its Herceptin and Perjeta. At least the sun is shining! I’ve been busy starting to set up a local support group for younger women who have had a cancer diagnosis. Feels good to give something back…and to keep me out of mischief. Whilst I was in treatment I hooked up with Sally who is also having treatment after seeing one of my stickers! She lives in Derby!


Tuesday 25th June

Arghhhh I went on Loose Women! What a bloomin incredible experience. I was utterly nervous but thank goodness Lorraine Kelly was there to keep me in check. It was wonderful to be able to tell the Loose audience all about Change And Check. Thank you to Colleen Nolan, Janet Street Porter, Kelle Bryan and Brenda Edwards for having me on x

Monday 24th June 2019

This happened today. Casual name drop here….



Tuesday 18th June 2019

What a day! Today we launched the Check And Change campaign at the Metropolitan Police. We broadcast live from Lewisham police station and announced that they have taken on 10,000 stickers! They are going to be seen by 44,000 members of staff so i’m beyond chuffed. A huge thank you to Det Sup Tara McGovern for supporting this campaign and encouraging the Met to adopt it.



Monday 17th June

Herceptin and Perjeta day. Alll day. Yawn McYawnison.


Friday 14th June 2019

What a day. I travelled up to Derby to meet Sally. Sally contacted me on Instagram because she saw one of my Change And Check stickers. She checked herself, found a lump in her armpit and has just been diagnosed with grade 3 triple negative breast cancer. It’s a tough diagnosis but SHE HAS CAUGHT IT EARLY! Sally starts chemotherapy next week. I’m so sad for Sally but SO HAPPY that she saw the sticker and caught it early.

Thursday 13th June

Errrr so look at this…Madonna has taken a selfie and look in the background!!

Wednesday 12th June

Today was epic. Since my diagnosis i’ve been such a fan of the podcast ‘You, Me & Big C’. It’s all about busting through cancer myths and talking more openly about life with cancer. It really has changed the shape of cancer conversations. I was so honoured to be a guest on the podcast today alongside the hosts Deborah James (bowel babe), Lauren (Girls v Cancer) and Steve Bland (lost his beautiful wife Rachel to breast cancer last year). We spoke about how life goes on hold after being hit with a cancer diagnosis…or does it? You can listen to it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0608649/episodes/downloads

Thursday 6th June

Today I had a Change And Check meeting in Parliament with Craig Tracey MP. I can’t say too much just yet (mainly because I don’t want to jinx it) but it’s exciting……


Wednesday 5th June

Had a meet today at Scotland Yard! I met the most amazing person – Detective Chief Superintendent┬áTara McGovern who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She is ridiculously ‘Line Of Duty’ styleeee and is 100% behind the Change And Check campaign. She has made it her mission to get 10,000 stickers up and around the Metropolitan Police (They have 44,000 employees). I’m so so chuffed.


Sunday 1st June 2019

The #ChangeAndCheck campaign is really going well! Ted Baker and Oasis have now signed up! I’m still hoping that there will be some more developments this week…especially as i’ve been invited to Parliament for a meeting! Might put my hat in the ring for PM while i’m there (not that i’d be any good). I’ve had lots of support from people so thank you so so much.

As for me, i’m physically doing ok. I’m still lacking massively on energy at times and have an abundance of ulcers but it’s not horrific. Today i’ve started a gluten and casein (milk protein) free diet for 5 weeks which i’m hoping will give my body time to repair itself post chemo. My digestive system is still massively suffering so i’m hoping this will help. This photo is me this week being made radioactive for a routine scan. Fun time.



Friday 24th May

Back in hospital again for some drugs. Herceptin and Perjeta today. Although they ended up just giving me Herceptin to see if it helped my stomach. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Ok, so i’ve been pretty much non-stop since radiotherapy finished. Since I last updated this i’ve had two more rounds of herceptin/perjeta, a colonoscopy (fun) and a holiday to Florida with the kids at Easter.

Friday 17th May 2019

So today i’m at the Birmingham NEC for the This Morning Live show. I’ve managed to get Jack Fincham, Kelly Brook and Lisa Snowden to support the Change and Check campaign!! We announced on the Lorraine show that Oasis and M&Co have signed up!!!!

Monday 13th May

Today i’m on the Coronation Street cobbles with Sally Dyvenor to promote the sticker campaign!! She’s put them up around the Corrie set!!!!


Thursday 9th May 2019

Errr so i’m in Belfast today doing a live appearance with Dr Hilary about our CHANGE AND CHECK campaign. We’re in a David Lloyd gym! It’s also my son’s 10th birthday – what a difference a year makes!


Tuesday 7th May

Today I filmed at Asda in Basildon because they’re taking on the Change And Check stickers NATIONWIDE!



Friday 3rd May

Back in hospital today having Herceptin and Perjeta treatment thanks to my HER2 and Estrogen receptive diagnosis.


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