Daily Mamo (.) (.) Sept – Dec 2019

Get it? Mamo / Memo? I crack myself up.  This is a weekly(ish) record of where i’m at. Might be good. Might be dull. All feedback welcome (be gentle). This is Sept – Dec 2019..


January 2020

Sorry for the radio silence but it’s been a struggle just getting back into normal life. I’ll update more soon on this. In the meantime though, i’m over on instagram @thetittygritty  xx

Weds 16th Oct 2019

DOWNING STREET!?!?!? Say whaaat! Yep, the pink boob bus finished at Downing Street where I delivered the stickers. I’m blown away,

PS. I’m on the front of Best magazine today sharing the boob love!

Monday 14th Oct 2019

Next stop on the Boob Bus today is Cardiff! My brothers came along for the ride which was so lovely. I then had to hot foot it back to London for The Woman of The Year Awards. It was mindblowing listening to the winners.

Thursday 10th Oct

This morning we were live on ITV Lorraine in Glasgow with the bus. Then I went to The Bigger Bounce which was a fundrasier event for breast cancer. The evening was hosted by Emma Willis and raised over 1.3million! I did a speech!!

Tuesday 8th Oct

What a buzz! The pink bus caused quite a stir in Belfast. Lots of people came by to get boob advice.

Monday 7th Oct 2019

I did my first ever speech at the Future Dreams charity lunch. I was so nervous. It was at The Savoy hotel. Then I headed to City Airport to fly to Belfast to join the Boob Bus!

Friday 4th Oct 2019

Errrr it’s only my LAST EVER HOSPITAL TREATMENT today!! I really wanted to celebrate hard but felt too rough!

Thursday 3rd Oct

First stop on the bus is Manchester! We had a great turn out! I then headed back into London for the Estee Lauder breast cancer event.

Tuesday 1st Oct 2019

It’s the start  of Breast Cancer Awareness Month so today I launched our Change And Check BOOB Bus tour on ITV Lorraine! It’s basically a bight pink bus which we take around the UK spreading the boob love.

Saturday 28th Sept 2019

Big day today. It’s my MRI. The first one since I got my diagnosis. The scan itself was fine. I’m just so nervous about the results. It’s basically a check up to see if the chemo/radio has done its job. I’m sure it has. I have to think positive in these situations. x

Friday 27th Sept

Today I had to have a routine MUGA scan which is basically a scan of my heart to make sure that it’s working properly. A side effect of Herceptin can be heart failure so i’m glad they do regular check ups! They make you radioactive for it but my veins kept collapsing which was excruciating. Has it ever happened to you? OUCHHHHH

Tuesday 24th Sept 2019

Today I shot a ‘How To Check Your Breasts’ video for YouTube (except they don’t allow nudity…not sure how im going to get around that one)


Monday 23rd Sept 2019

A pretty normal Monday but did some filming after school with Fabulous Magazine (The Sun) who are supporting my Coppafeel Himalaya Trek. The kids were asked what they thought about the fact that I was doing this trek and they said they were so proud (I blubbed)

Sat/Sun 21st Sept

Went on a training walk in the Peak District! Getting me ready for the Himalayas. What incredible scenery it is t’up North. Absolutely stunning.


Thursday 19th Sept 2019

Today I had to see a specialist dermatologist to check on a weird lesion on my leg. It’s unrelated to the breast cancer apparently. I’ve been referred for a biopsy so we’ll wait and see what fun and games this will bring.

Weds 18th Sept 2019
Today I visited Miss Shrotria at the Runnymede for a routine follow up. She checked my right reconstructed breast and said it’s at the right shape and size now. I’m disappointed. Not with her but with how different it looks to my saggy one. I’m debating not having a nipple tattoo…maybe just a picture. I then had an ultrasound as a routine check and it was all clear. Such a good sign. MRI next to double check.
Oh and my body has come up in weird spots…could be the herceptin apparently


Friday 13th Sept

It’s my PENULTIMATE Herceptin and Perjeta day today. I’m so ready for this 3 weekly treatment to end now!

Wednesday 11th Sept

Today I took part in the Asda Tickled Pink breast cancer photo shoot. They’re selling a range of tshirts for Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now charities.

Tuesday 3rd Sept 2019

Today I was utterly honoured to be asked to join the Girls V Cancer team for a photo shoot. We were all wearing tshirts which raise money for 4 different breast cancer charities. I met some incredible women there. Very emotional.


Sunday 1st September

I’m in the Daily Mail today! It’s an article on how to tell your kids that you’ve got cancer. It’s tough reading it back. Almost like it belongs to someone else’s story. Hope it helps though.img_5889

7 thoughts on “Daily Mamo (.) (.) Sept – Dec 2019

Add yours

  1. Keeping everything crossed for a good MRI results. I be looking out for the breast cancer charity T-shirts and will be getting one soon. Trekking to the Himalayas will be hard, but also incredible. I will be looking forward to your posts.


    1. Good luck with you’re results, everything is crossed for you🤞. I love you’re ‘mamos’! Keep them coming xxx


      1. Sooo glad you like them. I think you’re the only one who reads them so that makes me feel better (hahaha). Hope you’re doing ok xx


  2. It’s great that you’re ‘getting there’ – you’re a real inspiration – I’ve been going through a similar situation to you with the expander implant following a right mastectomy last September – I had mine exchanged 6 weeks ago for the silicone one. Have you had your’s exchanged yet or do you have a date to have it done?.(I’ve been following your journey and it’s really helped me deal with mine). Sending love and hugs. From (another) Helen. xxx


    1. So sorry for the slow reply Helen. That’s so interesting that you’ve had your expander swapped out. I’ve got the option of keeping my expander in? Do you feel it’s better with the actual implant in now? x


      1. Hi Helen – don’t worry about the late reply, you’ve been a bit busy lately – ha ha.Well done on your trekking the Himalaya’s, loved your video’s you posted on twitter.
        I am really glad to have the temporary skin expander exchanged for the softer silicone one. I felt the skin expander was hard and uncomfortable, but I think there are some some that are designed to be left in???
        I’m now waiting on cosmetic surgery on my left breast to try and get some symmetry, it all seems never ending.🤦‍♀️
        Keep up the good work. xxx


  3. Helen, I just finished reading all your posts here. You are such an inspiration and it looks like you helped already so many people which is great.
    I’ve been diagnosed in February with exactly the same type of cancer as yours. It was scary but I must say I’ve been very, very lucky so far with almost no side effects apart from loosing my hair after my first session but I just learned to love my headscarves. I know, I can’t believe it myself. I even asked my chemo nurse last week is she sure they giving me real chemo and not placebo 😉

    I’m seeing my oncologist tomorrow so will have a chance to ask what will happen after chemo which should finish on 17th December. Fingers crossed.

    As it turned out that I’m BRAC2 positive as is my sister we decided to go with preventive double mastectomy and hysterectomy. So it’s still a long journey ahead of me. But I’m staying positive. And thanks to people like you and my lovely lovely family and friends, I couldn’t do that without them 💖💖💖, it’s much easier.

    Good luck to you. Fingers crossed for your good results. Please keep us updated. Lots of love


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