Covid V Cancer

So i’ve just finished speaking to over 1 million people on the ITV Lorraine show about the importance of checking yourself for signs of cancer! I can’t tell you how you great it felt to get the message out there.

Worryingly, Cancer Research UK are reporting a massive 75% drop in Urgent Referrals which basically means that people aren’t going to their GPs with cancer-related symptoms. It’s thought that this statistic could result in 18,000 more cancer deaths in the next 12 months.

I know first hand how vital it is to get symptoms checked. I had a lump two years ago and in the 2 weeks it took to be referred to the specialist a further 4 lumps had grown. My cancer turned out to be very aggressive and on a mission to travel around my body. A mastectomy and 18 months of chemo/radiotherapy blasted the life out of it (and me on some days!) but i’m here to tell the tale.

Had I found my lump during Covid times then it’s highly possible that I would have put off going to see my GP. I wouldn’t have wanted to bother her or risk catching the virus. Thousands of people are in that boat right now. My message is – GET OUT OF THAT BOAT AND GET TO YOUR GP. PLEASE!

GPs are still open for business and will welcome you with open arms. Most cancers are highly treatable IF caught early. So let’s catch that bugger early.

Thanks in advance x


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