A Good Time To Give Back

What a funny old time we’re in hey? Out of the chaos and the anxiety though I have felt such a surge of love from within the cancer community. Yep, a cancer community exists for those who had no idea and it’s an incredibly supportiveness thing to be a part of.

For those being diagnosed right now or in active treatment it must be so emotionally and physically draining. I found it very tough but I wasn’t in the throes of Covid19 at the same time. The added layer of that must be so stressful. My friends going through chemo and radiotherapy have told me how lonely it feels going for appointments and treatment on their own right now. They’ve also echoed a slight shift in the nurses…whilst they are being more hands off physically they are being overwhelming generous with their genuine support and attentiveness. What a rewarding job it must be to be a nurse right now. They are our heroes.

For many, myself included, who are through their active treatment, the virus outbreak has reignited a certain unsettled feeling that you get early on in diagnosis. The constant talk of hospitals on the tv and reading about them in the papers brings back memories of our time in treatment. It’s makes me think about how ill I got at times. There then comes a wave of irrational thoughts like…will I get cancer again, will Covid finish me off, will my family get it.

Then for those living with cancer it brings yet another layer of vulnerability which must be difficult to ignore.  There’s the ongoing routine scans which understandably ignites an excruciating level of anxiety anyway can only be heightened in the current climate. Then it’s the fear of catching the virus when your immune system is already so compromised. The head mash is unthinkable and I truly admire anyone going through this at the moment.

So as a cheeky little way to show some love and support to those going through treatment during these uncertain times, i’ve been working with a charity called Future Dreams. They’re a wonderful breast cancer charity. With their help, i’ve been packing and delivering goodie bags to 4 local hospitals (they’ve been delivering to far more). It’s been so rewarding and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact I’ve just come home from dropping off at the Royal Surrey Hospital and the staff gave ME A CLAP(!?). They were so grateful to be thought about. It turns out the little things in life really make a difference. What’s in the bags? Little things like hand cream, popcorn, healthy snacks, magazines, lip balm.


I’ve found that getting involved in this project has helped keep my mind focused and has reminded me not to dwell on my cancer history. It’s repurposed my brain into being grateful and to do something proactive to give back. I’m never good doing nothing. Anyone else the same? So between working from home, homeschooling 3 kids, i’m telling anyone and everyone to check their baps…and i’m packing up these gift bags for those who really are having a tough time right now.

If you fancy helping / donating for Future Dreams then get in touch with samantha@futuredreams.org.uk who can tell you how you can help. Or go to their website Future Dreams.

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