Daily Mamo (.) (.) Sept-Dec 2018

Daily Mamo. Get it? Mamo / Memo? I crack myself up. So Iโ€™m goingย to try to attempt to do this thing. A weekly(ish) record of where iโ€™m at. Might be good. Might be dull. All feedback welcome (be gentle).


Friday 21st Dec 2018

Hooray! Today is my very last chemo session and thanks to the booster injections i’ve been having my white cells are UP! So it’s all going ahead. Great news. I have Mark come with me because in all honesty i’m feeling exhausted and want to sleep and rest as much as I can. So we have a pretty chilled out session.

Friday 14th Dec

White cells are still playing ball thanks to the growth injections. So today I nailed chemo number 15. The penultimate one. I’ve had quite a good week leading up to this too. Mainly tired but not too much else ๐Ÿ™‚ Our amazing friends Jerry and Lyana came with Mark and I for the session. I slept for most of it!!

Friday 7th Dec 2018

Hoorah! White cells are back up so chemo is on! Got my gorgeous friend Lu with me today. I’ve been having injections all week to boost my white cells so it’s obviously worked. I’m so happy! Nearly there!

Friday 30th Nov 2018

So my white cells have crashed again. I’ve been full of cold all week with an awful cough so I wasn’t surprised but still gutted. I’m desperate to get them all finished now. Especially with Xmas approaching…I want to be/feel as normal as possible for that! My friends Charlie and Tilly joined me. I still had to have the Herceptin and Perjeta so our time wasn’t wasted. I’m going to be on injections all week now to boost my cells. xx

Friday 23rd Nov 2018

My white cells are playing ball so chemo is on again today. My friends (and colleagues) Sue, Emma and Lorraine came to keep me company x

Saturday 17th Nov 2018

To give my white cells a boost I’m having to have injections at home. Five days in a row of this:

Friday 16th Nov 2018

Finally I’m well enough for chemo. I’m desperate to get the sessions ticked off now. ITV came to film me today and Dr Hilary popped along!

Friday 9th Nov 2018

I’ve got horrific mouth sores so I’m too ill for chemo today. I still have my herceptin and perjeta drugs though as my cancer is hormone positive

Friday 2nd Nov 2018

So i was supposed to have round 10 of my Paclitaxel chemo today but my white cell count was too low. What a blow. I was gutted because I really want to be finished in early December but this means it all has to be pushed back. So I’m having to skip this session but fingers crossed for next Friday. Also, I have my girlfriends all there to support me….

Still, every cloud and all that, we decided to make the most of the day and went out for lunch instead ๐Ÿ˜‚.

In other news, my 5 year old (Belle) asked this evening if I was going to die soon. My 7 year old interjected and said that I can’t die because I’m having special medicine which stops the dying from happening.

Friday 19th October 2018

Thursday 18th October 2018

SORRY for the break in service. If you follow my Instagram you’ll know I sadly lost my mum 5 days ago so I’m on struggle street at the moment. Please please bear with me…I’ll be back next week xxxxx

Friday 12th Oct

Round 8 chemo today and my gorgeous toned Mark joined me for the day

Sunday 7th October 2018

Urgh – the recovery isn’t great this time round. Feeling very sick and achy. Just want to sleep which is frustrating for me and the kids. Hoping for more energy tomorrow x

Friday 5th October

Had round 7 of 16 chemo sessions today. It was a shorter session (7 hours) which was better.


Thursday 4th October 2018

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Sorry but i’ve been in my chemo shell for a few days. Last week the spasms just went through the roof so I was pretty bed bound. Then last Friday (28th) I was back in for my next chemo session. I also started my Herceptin and Perjeta drugs at the same time, I’ll be having these targeted therapy drugs every three week for a year. So I was in hospital for 11 hours and came away brimming with chemicals – but they’re doing me good (i have to keep telling myself that). Just so you know – Herceptin & Perjeta drugs are being used because my cancer is hormone positive which means it uses my hormones to help it grow. These neat drugs prevent this snide relationship from blossoming.

My recovery has been ok this time round apart from a very dodgy tummy (tmi?). I’m sleeping a lot but i’m used to that now. At least I can do the school run which i’m so happy about!

Monday 1st October 2018

No words….!! Take a look at this…

Wednesday 26th September 2018

So I woke up feeling less spasmy (is that a word?). I still couldn’t drive and do the school run but I did manage to get downstairs and make brekkie (yay!). I was up last night from 2am til 5am so I’ve been feeling pretty special today. My friend Charlotte took me to hospital for a boob pump. I’m basically having the skin stretched after my mastectomy. Every 2/3 weeks I go in and my breast surgeon injects saline into the bag which was fitted when I had the surgery. The idea is to stretch the skin ready for an implant!

This is me having it done. It’s fairly painless . I’ll write a proper detailed post about it soon. Then I spent the rest of the day sorting the kids homework. Oh and the cat brought in a dead mouse. Oh and Mark is away in Dubai with work. Great timing!!

Tuesday 25th September

4 days after chemo and 3 days til the next. Urghhhhh feeling rotten. I can hardly walk at the moment. I’ve got shooting spasms so deep in my bones that it’s utter agony. It’s now 2am and the pains are keeping me awake. Paracetamol won’t even touch the sides. I guess this round wasn’t the walk in the park I was hoping for ๐Ÿ™„. Fingers crossed for the morning…

Monday 24th September 2018

So i’m 3 days after my last chemo and only 4 days until my next session. I haven’t been able to leave the house today (or yesterday) because of the recovery. Weirdly Saturday I wasn’t too bad but since then i’ve pretty much just slept. My white cells are low apparently so i had to have a home injection on Saturday night to stimulate my bone marrow to make new cells. I think this is the cause of the crazy spasms i’ve been getting. They’re like the deepest internal cramps you can imagine and when I get them they literally take my breath away. So i’m just sat going stir crazy at home!

Friday 21st September 2018

Today I had my 5th round of chemo. The drug changed to Paclitaxel which I’ll now be having every week until Xmas (11 more to go). My white cells are low so it took a while to decide if I was well enough for the treatment but my oncologist finally signed it off. I was in hospital from 9.30am-4.30pm so a loooong day. Home now and feeling nauseous but not as bad as the last round (yet) and also very tired. Not too horrific though x

Saturday 15th September 2018

Day 15 after last chemo and 6 days until the next. I’m on such a good run at the moment. Today i’ve managed to get the children to their usual Saturday clubs. I’ve hung washing out (secret addiction of mine – you can’t beat the smell of fresh breeze dried laundry). It’s my sister-in-laws 40th so we’ve been out for a boozy lunch and I managed a glass of fizz which went down semi-ok. The whole time there was only one brief mention of my chemo and then I managed to get lost in the ordinary conversation – oh how I love that. To feel normal and not a patient. I’ve had a quick power kip to recharge my batteries and I’m now sat waiting for the kids to fall asleep so that I can sneak over to my brother’s house to finish the birthday celebrations. I have his kids here too (5 in total) and there’s some kind of fight/party going on upstairs and i’m wondering how long I can eek this out until someone cries or something is broken. Sorry – this is supposed to be about me and my recovery from the last treatment. All in all i’m cooking on gas.

Wednesday 12th September 2018

Day 12 after last chemo and 9 days until the next. I’ve had another pretty good day today. My energy levels are back up which means that I only need a quick power sleep at lunchtime and then i’m ready for the rest of the day. I’m also off all pain/sickness relief (until the next chemo). I had a boob inflation today at the hospital. I’ll write about this procedure in more detailed blog post but essentially i’ve had a further 50ml of saline solution injected into the bag which sits under the skin of my mastectomy site. It’s like an empty breast implant which needs inflating every few weeks to stretch the skin. Sounds pretty ouch but it’s not too bad! Right, off to take my son to his football practise. I’m taking 3 other boys too so that I can stock up brownie points with the fellow mums..haha

Monday 10th September 2018

Day 10 after chemo and 11 days until the next. Hoorah i’m feeling pretty normal today. I’ve managed the school run, a visit from my friend Tilly and tennis club with the kids. I’ve got the involuntary spasms in my groin which are annoying to say the least but totally bearable (funny to watch too apparently). It’s so satisfying that in the space of a week I can be bed ridden and then out and about enjoying life as normal!

Sunday 9th September 2018

Day 9 after chemo and 12 days until the next. Another good start to the day. I decided to make lemon curd because when life gives you lemons….what else are you supposed to do. Made me smile anyway. It kept April (my 7 year old) occupied anyway. Then over to my brother’s for a small birthday lunch. I hit a wall and fell fast asleep on their sofa for an hour…but apart from that it’s been a goooood day.


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