Chemo Over and Out


Hallelujah. That was a seven month rollercoaster and I’m more than happy to get off the ride now thank you very much indeed. I nailed 16 whole rounds and led a pretty normal (ish) life where I could. Below is a picture from each session.

After my second chemo session I even went on a family camping holiday to France and slept in a tent…so it wasn’t a completely debilitating experience.


Don’t get me wrong though. I had days and weeks where I was sick / dog tired / sick again / mouth sores / muscles spasms…the list goes on but I don’t want to dwell too much on the bad stuff (i did plenty of that in my post called ‘On Your Marks, Get Set, Cheeemoooo’). I will say that you cannot take your foot off the pedal when it comes to protecting yourself from bugs. After my very last chemo session on Friday 21st December 2018 I bagged myself a dose of the flu and found myself taking an ambulance to A&E on Christmas Eve night.

I was running a high temperature so was put straight on an antibiotic drip. It was fairly soul destroying being there in the early hours of Christmas Day but at least I hadn’t swallowed a battery like the lady in the next cubicle. Not fun for her but it definitely kept me entertained intrigued. Anyhooo, Christmas and New Year were all a bit of a snotty bed ridden blur and i’m pleased that it’s behind me.

It seems funny that i’m only just posting this blog now despite writing it several months ago. If i’m completely honest I think I was pretty traumatised after the end of chemo. I didn’t recover as quickly as I thought I would. I was expecting myself to bounce back fairly pronto but I stayed pretty weak for some time after. I think it didn’t help that we were in the depths of winter and I kept picking up bug after bug. I mentally struggled too because I really had my heart set on feeling normal again as soon as the hardcore treatment had finished. So I was quite despondent. Even now, 7 months on, I feel like i’m only just turning a corner and am more able to get out and about. Bloomin heck am I moaning? Sorry, genuinely don’t mean to. It’s just me being honest xx




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  1. Congratulations for finishing/getting through the chemo- you are amazing and brilliant ❤️. Enjoy the summer!


  2. Congratulations on coming to the end of your journey…I’ve enjoyed your blogs. They’ve helped me through my journey. I’ve completed chemotherapy, recently had my mastectomy with lymph clearance, started my 3 weekly iv’s On Wednesday….which will be for the next 3 years….and go for my radiotherapy scan and tattoos on the 19th July…Yesterday I was told I was cancer free…..amazing….my journey is not quite over but you’ve kept me going through the highs and lows….Thank You. Good luck with the rest of your journey and here’s to a long and healthy life 🥂🍾 xx


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